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Last updated: Dec 08, 2019 16:08

Devices may be reserved to ensure availability. If you open a device but do not lock or reserve it, another user may lock or reserve the device and your session will be terminated. You will be blocked from using the device for the reserved time period of the other user.

Users should reserve a device to guarantee its availability.

Reserving a device according to device attributes
Use the Get Devices List operation to select one or more devices with a specific filter and reserve.

Public Cloud - Reservations for public cloud devices are charged at the time of reservation. In case a reservation is cancelled, the balance of hours will be restored.

Time Format - The input parameters, startTime and endTime, indicate the time as a long value representing the number of ms after January 1st, 1970 (System time). These parameters are found in the Create, Update, and List reservation operations.

Reservation Operations

The API provides the following Reservation operations: