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Last updated: Jul 10, 2018 15:24

The Perfecto plugin for Android Studio allows developers to run their apps on real Android devices, via Perfecto's CQ Lab.


  • Android Studio 1.5+
    Note: Supported for Android Studio versions up to (including) v3.0
  • Perfecto plugin for Android Studio
  • Application's Run configuration should be defined as Android application (see screenshot below).

Running App on Android Devices

  1. Open the application project.
  2. Open the Perfecto Lab interface.
  3. Update the Run on Cloud settings.
  4. Launch at least one Android device from the Perfecto Lab.
  5. Select Perfecto > Run app on Perfecto devices,

or click the Run app on Perfecto devices button on your Android Studio's toolbar.

The app's apk file is uploaded via the  Perfecto repository into the device(s), and is launched. All operations are logged, and can be viewed via the Event log pane.

Some Notes

  • This feature does not enable application debugging.
  • The application's apk file is not removed from the device upon execution end. When installing a new version, the previous version is first deleted.

Run on Cloud Settings

Open the Run On Cloud Settings window from the File Menu - Settings item.

In the Settings window - Select Run On Cloud from the Perfecto Lab option in the left panel (see below).

If the application apk file is located anywhere not in the default build output location, use the Settings window to identify the location. The Perfecto Lab system will automatically copy  the application file to the Perfecto Lab and then install it onto the device.

Change the Gradle Settings:

  • Click the Override Default Build Tasks to change the Build tasks - provide the new list of targets in the text field.
  • Disable the Gradle build by clicking the Disable Gradle Execution box.