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Last updated: Dec 16, 2019 21:59

Command: network.settings

Subcommand: set

Supported Platforms: Native,UFT,Selenium,Appium

Supported OS: Android

Sets the network settings.


Sets the status of the specified network feature(s) - the wifi, data, and airplanemode parameters.

Note: Setting the Airplane mode is supported for Android devices running OS earlier than 7.0


 * Mandatory parameter

Request & Response 


JSON Response
  "executionId": "john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940",
  "reason": "Success",
  "timer.elapsed": "6469",
  "testGridReportUrl": "[0]=john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940",
  "timer.ux": "0",
  "singleTestReportUrl": "",
  "description": "Success",
  "timer.system": "6469",
  "reportKey": "PRIVATE:controller/161108/controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940.xml",
  "completed": "true",
  "flowEndCode": "SUCCEEDED",
  "timer.device": "0"