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Last updated: Feb 09, 2020 19:00

Starts a new execution, and returns the executionId and reportKey.

Request syntax[&optionalParameters=value]

Note: All REST API commands require authentication, see the general authentication methods here.


A unique cryptographic key assigned to an authorized user.
scriptName string
Defines a name for the script. This name is used for the report folder name and report key.
output.reportbooleantruetrue to generate a report containing the execution commands.

true to record a video of the device screen during the execution. This value applies to all devices used in the execution.

Applicable only when the is not sepcified as false.

output.visibilitystringprivateThe repository section where the report will be stored. The section determines the access to the report. Possible values: private, group, public.
responseFormatstringjsonThe format to use for the response. Possible values: xml, json.

 * Mandatory


executionIdThe unique identifier that you can use to execute Perfecto commands and to end the execution. The execution id is valid until sending the end execution request or the execution is expired, due to inactivity.
reportKey The identifier used to download the execution report from the repository. This is valid for the legacy formatted report. The key is only valid only after ending the execution. For example, PRIVATE:reportName.xml.


The Perfecto report library URL.


The single test report URL.


URL to download a PDF formatted version of the Execution Summary Report


Request with default json format response

This example shows the request and response for starting a new execution without specifying any optional parameters.