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Last updated: Apr 02, 2020 18:06

On an open device, you can choose to ignore the current test or to end the session. This option also provides a link to the report in the Report Library.

To stop a test:

  1. Click the stop icon .
  2. In the End test form, select how to end the test:
    • Ignore it: Select if you don't want to generate a report for this test.
    • Mark Passed: Select if you consider the test a success. Then provide a name and, optionally, copy the link to the report.
    • Mark Failed: Select if the test didn't pass. Provide a name and, optionally, enter a description of the failure and copy the link to the report.

  3. If you want to clean up the device before it is released, select Clean up device on release.
    Note: If devices are cleaned by default, this checkbox is not available.
  4. Select END AND RELEASE DEVICE (default). If you are not ready to release the device and only want to end the test, click END AND START NEW TEST.