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Last updated: Jan 19, 2020 10:56

This section specifies the actions currently supported for mobile devices in the Manual Testing view.

Device toolbar

The following table describes the options available on the device toolbar.


Click to retrieve device information, including OS, device ID, location, and so on, and generate capabilities.

Click to copy the session ID. See also Share a device session with an IDE script.

Click to install an application on the device. The file cannot exceed 1050 MB.

In the Install application form, do the following:

  1. Add the application file.
  2. When the app is ready to install, turn on any of the following options, as required:
  3. Click Install App.

Click to restart the device, for example when the device freezes or for a fresh start.

Click to rotate the device from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Click to open a case with Perfecto Support. The link opens in the context of your open device session.

Click to ignore the current test or to end the session. This option also provides a link to the report.

In the End test form, do the following:

  1. Select how to end the test:
    • Ignore it: Select if you don't want to generate a report for this test.
    • Mark Passed: Select if you consider the test a success. Then provide a name and, optionally, copy the link to the report.
    • Mark Failed: Select if the test didn't pass. Provide a name and, optionally, enter a description of the failure and copy the link to the report.
  2. If you want to clean up the device before it is released, select Clean up device on release.

    Note: If devices are cleaned by default, this checkbox is not available.
  3. Select END AND RELEASE DEVICE (default). If you are not ready to release the device and only want to end the test, click END AND START NEW TEST.

On this page:

Keyboard options

When you type numeric or alphabetic characters on the physical desktop keyboard, Perfecto instantly sends them to the device. In addition, the keys listed in the following table are supported and may be helpful while editing text.

Keyboard keyCommand descriptionSupported OS
UpMoves pointer upAndroid
DownMoves pointer downAndroid
LeftMoves pointer leftAndroid
RightMoves pointer rightAndroid
BackspaceDeletes the last characterAndroid
DeleteDeletes the next characterAndroid
EnterAdds a new line/Submits/SearchesAndroid

Mouse actions

The table lists the mouse actions currently supported on mobile devices.

Mouse actionCommand descriptionSupported OS
Alt+Wheel forwardZooms inAndroid, iOS
Alt+Wheel backwardZooms out (pinch)Android, iOS
Wheel forward/backwardScrollsAndroid, iOS
Click+Pointer moveSwipes (horizontal/vertical)Android, iOS
Left clickTapsAndroid, iOS
Long left click (> 2 seconds)Presses longAndroid, iOS
Alt+ClickActivates 3D TouchiOS