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Last updated: Jan 09, 2018 14:51

Perfecto provides a plugin tool for Gradle to support application instrumentation tests integrating the whole process from Gradle to Reporting. Use the new plugin for Gradle to configure your tests to run on devices in the Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab. These run in either a standalone gradle run or (for AndroidStudio) as part of your build, and generate DigitalZoom Single Test Reports (STR) that allow you to analyze the full test suite.

The Gradle Plugin supports -

  • Espresso/Robotium tests for Android
  • XCTest/XCUITest tests for iOS

The tool includes the following components, that will be detailed in the following pages:

  • Gradle plugin installation - preparing the build.gradle file
  • Configuration parameters - may be entered through a configuration file, command-line, or encoded in the build.gradle file.
  • Activating the plugin and understanding the output and connecting to DigitalZoom execution report.

For quick-start guides see the how-to articles for: