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Last updated: Dec 17, 2019 19:12

Command: status

Subcommand: timer

Supported Platforms: Native,UFT,Selenium,Appium

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Adds a timer report to the test. The measured timer result is reported from the test into the generated Single Test Report.


Adds the timer report retrieved via the Get timer command into the test's Single Test Report named by the name parameter, and with the timing measurement indicated by the result parameter..


 * Mandatory parameter

Request & Response

JSON Response
  "executionId": "john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940",
  "reason": "Success",
  "returnValue": "SUCCESS",
  "testGridReportUrl": "[0]=john@perfectomobile.com_controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940",
  "singleTestReportUrl": "",
  "description": "Success",
  "reportKey": "PRIVATE:controller/161108/controller_16-11-08_09_26_26_940.xml",
  "completed": "true",
  "flowEndCode": "SUCCEEDED"