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Last updated: Dec 09, 2019 15:28

This section describes common error messages and possible solutions.

Perfecto Connect network requirements

The Perfecto Connect executable requires outgoing network access to the following URL. Add them to your system's security whitelist (may require assistance from your IT personnel):

  • vpn.<lab-name>*
  • <lab-name> -


    <lab-name> is the "name" of your Perfecto Lab. For example if you connect to the Perfecto Lab at, then the <lab-name> is mytest and you should add the URLs:  and vpn.mytest* to your network's whitelist.

On this page:

Error messages

Error MessageMeaningWhat to do
Proxy requires authenticationYour machine is behind an authenticated proxy, and Perfecto Connect requires your credentials in order to continue.Proxy credentials can be supplied using the outgoingproxyusername and outgoingproxypassword parameters.
Can't reach Perfecto Connect service at https://<lab_name>.connect.perfectomobile.comThe Perfecto Connect executable was unable to communicate with the Perfecto Connect service.Verify network access to the URL provided. See what to whitelist.
Can't start Perfecto Connection session: Failed to create a new session, authentication failed using ClientAuthentication

Either -

  • The wrong Perfecto Lab URL was supplied
  • The security-token used was rejected.
Verify that the Perfecto Lab URL is correct and/or generate a new security token.
Connectivity test failed to Perfecto node server vpn.demo.perfectomobile.comPerfecto Connect unable to access the described host on port 443.Verify outgoing network access to this host on port 443
Can't start ssh on tunnel to port <port> - <URL>Perfecto Connect utilizes several STunnel servers to connect your client to the service. One of these tunnels is being blocked by your network security.Add the STunnel address to your network's white-list. To see how see below.

Failed to connect to at least one node

Perfecto Connect was unable to initiate any connection to the Perfecto Connect nodes.Please contact Perfecto support.
Failed to execute command wifi.settings set: setWifiSettings command failedPerfecto Connect was unable to prepare the device for the session.Please contact Perfecto support.
tunnelId=<tunnelId> not existsWill appear during the Automation Script execution - the value in the tunnelId capability does not point to a valid STunnel connection.

Verify that the value of the capability corresponds to the tunnel that was opened.

Try reconnecting the client to obtain a new tunnel id and update the capability value appropriately.

Failed to activate tunnel - tunnelId=<tunnelId> not opened for this Perfecto Lab
The tunnel identified by the capability is connected to a different Perfecto Lab from the one identified in the automation driver initialization URL.

Verify that the URL of the automation script is the same as the one used when running the Perfecto Connect client.

Rerun the client on the correct Perfecto Lab and use the new tunnel identifier.

Failed to activate tunnel - tunnel is not connected - please rerun the clientThe client is running but failed to connect to specific regions.

Rerun the client on the Perfecto Lab and use the new tunnel identifier.

If problem persists, contact Perfecto support.

Troubleshoot access to local apps or data

When accessing resources from the user's workstation from an iOS device use the IP address of the workstation, not "localhost" - iOS interprets addresses at localhost to refer to information on the device, rather than on the hosting machine

White-list the STunnel Addresses

Start the Perfecto Connect client in the foreground (with the -f flag set):

macosx:/usr/local/etc/perfecto$ ./perfectoconnect start -c -s eyJhbGciOiJSUz...DxAkAuw82Hao7qrA -f

The client outputs the different process steps to the console, including steps in the following format:

11:11:38.340 launchTunnels ▶ DEBUG 003 Starting up channel on <port> [<address>]

Make sure to add the <address> included in the line to your network's white list.

Note: There may be more than one tunnel to add to the network white-list.


  1. Hi guys,

    I got error as below when running Perfecto Connection with window fast-web. It works fine with Mobile devices. Could you please help?

    org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: com.perfecto.wfa.server.errors.ErrorCodeException: WFA-500-0150 - Perfecto Connect - Error Details: 'Failed to activate tunnel - no such web tunnel for this session'
    Build info: version: 'unknown', revision: 'unknown', time: 'unknown'
    System info: host: '7927de59a951', ip: '', 'Linux', os.arch: 'amd64', os.version: '4.9.81-35.56.amzn1.x86_64', java.version: '1.8.0_102'
    Driver info: driver.version: WebiumDriver
    Command duration or timeout: 29.56 seconds

    Capabilities: {browserName: Chrome, browserVersion: 72, location: US East, platformName: Windows, platformVersion: 7, resolution: 1280x1024, scriptName: UIAutomation, securityToken: eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI..., tunnelId: 8a3717e5-3e95-4a35-81ff-fc8...}

    Remote Address:

    1. Ensure you have Web cradle for "US East" location. Also, try by omitting 'location' capability while creating driver.



      1. Guruswamy As you can see in Capabilities above, I was using "location: US East"

        I also tried to remove  'location' from capability but still got the same issue.

        1. please raise a perfecto support ticket and share your sample driver creation code with them.

    2. Dear Ly Vinh,

       We hope that you are now able to execute successfully with fast web following our email conversations a week ago. (smile)



      1. Thanks Genesis Thomas, it works with window fastweb now.

        Thanks for your supporting.

  2. Hi:

    Pardon my unfamiliarity to networking.  The above says, "The Perfecto Connect executable requires outgoing network access to the following URL. Add them to your system's security white-list (may require assistance from your IT personnel):

    • vpn.<lab-name>*
    • <lab-name>

      So, I have access to <lab-name>  If IT personnel adds the 2 URLs to the whitelist does that mean I will have access to those 2 URLs; meaning nothing else needs to be requested like creating a site of the same name?

  3. Hi David!

    I think you misunderstood the requirements, I'll try to simplify:

    Some times corporates or small companies apply restrictions on their local network, so their employees won't be able to browse malicious or somewhat harmful other websites. In such cases, but not always, an employee who wishes to use a certain service on the Internet (Perfecto Connect, for this example) will need to contact the IT department at his workplace, so they can remove any restrictions applied on the network and allow his workstation to access the Perfecto Connect service, which is hosted on the Perfecto Cloud.

    In most cases, these restrictions are not there to begin with. But if you work for a bank, for example, where the network is usually more hardened than other places, then you will have to check with your IT department if the Perfecto Connect service URLs are opened to use in your network.

    To clarify - the Perfecto Connect service is already hosted online on the Perfecto cloud, and in order to use it, your workstation will need to reach it via the URLs provided. in laymen's term, the URLs are the 'addresses' of the service - you just need to knock on their door! 

  4. Hi Shai

    Thank you for the quick reply.  So, to confirm, nothing else needs to be done besides adding the 2 URLs to the whitelist?

    1. Yes - nothing else needs to be done (configuration-wise) on your workstation. You just need to make sure it has access to these URLs