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Last updated: Mar 26, 2018 16:46


  1. Close UFT
  2. Click here to download the UFT Mobile add-in
  3. Run the UFT Mobile add-in (in Windows 7 run as Administrator)
  4. Start UFT and select the UFT Mobile add-in.
    If the Add-in Manager dialog box does not open when you start UFT, select Tools Options General, and check Display Add-in Manager on Start up.


Enable screenshots from within reports

  1. Go to Tools Options

  2. Select the GUI Testing > Screen Capture and select the Always option


Configure Screenshots in UFT 12.50 and above

From UFT 12.50 users can view test run results in a HTML-based report format, which is designed to be a more compact and faster run results report. The HTML report is generated and launched by default.

You can still configure UFT to generate the older RRV format which will include the device screenshots. 
Go to Tools > Options > General tab > Run Sessions and check Run Results Viewer Report

To view the report video, you need to go back to HTML format and use BB flashback software to open .fbr file. 
Get BB flashback here:


Starting with UFT 12.5, links from the UFT reports to Perfecto attachments (vitals, logs) are no longer available.


 Login to UFT

  1. Go to UFT Mobile Login and enter credentials.
  2. For a secure connection, select the Connect using HTTPS option and click OK.
  3. Enter the Cloud name without the http and nexperience. For example,


Automatic Login

  1. From the Tools tab, select Options
  2. Click UFT Mobile and check Enable user specific settings
  3. Enter credentials
  4. Check Connect using HTTPS if a secure connection is required
  5. Click OK


Password Encoding

  • Increase security by using the password encoding tool.
  • Go to Start > HP UFT > Tools > Password Encoder



The generated encoded string can be used in the Automatic Login configuration.

Upgrading Add-on

UFT will prompt for the upgrade, when an upgrade is available. Follow the instructions.

Upgrading UFT Version

To upgrade your UFT to a new version:

  1. Uninstall the existing UFT Mobile add-in
  2. Upgrade UFT to the required version
  3. Install the UFT Mobile add-in




  1. It's work fine on UFT version 12.51 but not in 14.01. The application crashes.

  2. Does it Support UFT 14.03?

    1. Please raise a Perfecto support case for the same.

      1. We are discussing this in chat. The latest supported version is 14.02.