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Last updated: May 27, 2019 14:19

Setup the Perfecto Lab for Visual Studio Extension from your cloud.


  • Visual Studio 2013 (or later) is installed

  • .NET Framework 4.6 is installed.
  • Perfecto credentials with automation permissions. Available from your cloud administrator

Special Note

This article addresses installation of the Perfecto Lab extension from your Hosted or On-premise CQ Lab. If you are new to Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab look for the Perfecto Lab for Visual Studio extension in the Visual Studio Gallery and follow the instructions provided there.

Installing from Hosted and on-premise Lab 

The extension version is synced to the version of your Perfecto Lab.

Configure the location of the installation:

  1.  Open Tools / Options
  2. Open the Environment options (in the left panel of the window) and select Extensions and Updates.

  3. If Perfecto does not appear in the list of Additional Extension Galleries, then click Add and enter Perfecto in the Name field and the following URL: https://<YOUR-CLOUD>/tools/visual-studio/content.xml
  4. Click Apply and then click OK.

Install the extension

  1. Open Tools > Extensions and Updates.
  2. Open the Online galleries list (left panel) and select Perfecto. The Perfecto Lab for Visual Studio information should appear in the center panel.

  3. Click on Download.
  4. Agree to the terms of service by clicking on Install.
  5. The installation progress window displays the execution of the installation.

Configure your credentials for the Perfecto Lab

  1. Restart Visual Studio.
  2. After startup, configuration information entry form is displayed in the right panel Perfecto window.
    If the window does not appear, then go to Tools > Options > Perfecto Lab > General and enter the information. 

  3. Enter the name of your Cloud, your Username, and Password in the fields.
  4. If your cloud uses secure communication, check the Connect using HTTPS box.
  5. Click on Connect

Updating the Perfecto Lab for Visual Studio extension

After configuring the source location for the Perfecto Lab for Visual Studio extension during the installation procedure, these locations are used to supply periodic updates to the extension package. To install the latest update follow a very simple procedure:

1. Click Tools -> Extensions and Update.

2. Click on Updates item in the left panel menu. The different update categories are displayed under the Updates header. Next to each category there is an indication of the number of updates available for each category, for example in the figure there are three (3) updates available for the Visual Studio Gallery.

3. Click on Perfecto category, if a number appears next to the entry. If an update is available, the extension description will appear in the central panel. The right panel of the window displays version information on the currently installed extension and of the new update.

4. Click Update. Visual Studio will begin to download the update and display the progress window.

5. When completed downloading, Visual Studio requests confirmation of the licensing with the following popup.

6. Click Install, Visual Studio will begin installing the update and display a progress window..