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Last updated: Jan 10, 2019 11:02

  • Object Tree Optimization now supported for XCUITest devices. New functionality allows the test script to limit the number of UI Elements retrieved for searching, thereby speeding up the test execution.
  • Fixed: Error message when application fails to launch, due to trust issues, now provides clearer information, allowing the tester to fix the problem and continue testing.
  • Limitation: Object Optimization does not affect instrumented applications when using the Perfecto Mobile Automation Framework. It will affect non-instrumented applications when using either of the Application Frameworks.
  • Select a device based on the Perfecto features supported. See details.
  • Appium/Selenium scripts running on XCUITest-framework based devices will generate screenshots as reporting artifacts when the takesScreenshot capability is set to true.
  • When running IosDriver for XCUITest devices, Appium does not support updating the text in the text-field when using a keyboard application other than the iOS Keyboard.
  • XCUITest implementation is fully compatible with Appium 1.7.2
  • Support for setting device language and region using language and locale capabilities for Appium scripts on XCUITest Framework devices.
  • Devices running iOS 11.1 - some vitals measurements are affected by changes in the Apple API. See details.
  • Fixed: Image injection for barcode reader applications support use of the PhoneGap Plugin BarcodeScanner interface on iOS devices.
  • iOS devices configured for the XCUITest Framework support a passcode definition for the device. To define a passcode for the device, contact support.
    Note: When passcode is defined, the Reboot function for the device is not supported.
  • Fixed: Objects in Safari are identified and displayed properly in Object Spy regardless of the interface language.
  • Appium interfaces for iOS automation are completely compatible with Appium 1.7 toolset.
  • Selenium scripts support retrieving the hittable attribute of iOS 11 UI Elements. Use the code - element.getAttribute("hittable") to retrieve the value in String format. To retrieve as a boolean use: boolean hittable = element.getAttribute("hittable").equals("true");
  • The Perfecto Automation Framework object-tree is not supported for iOS devices configured for the XCUITest framework. This includes iOS 11 devices and specially configured iOS 10 devices.
  • Connect iOS11 devices running beta 6 to customer Lab's
  • iOS11 beta supported in limited Early Access. Contact CSM for access to devices.
  • Improved error messages provide more user-friendly information for system exceptions in debug messages. Makes it easier to understand the problem when working with applications on iOS devices.
  • Limitation: Location access permissions are not reset when using Perfecto tools (widgets or commands) to uninstall an application from a device. To disable these permissions,
    • Explicitly disable them use the Settings menu for the application after re-installing the app.
    • Reset "Location & Privacy" before installation.
  • Speedup the findElement method for iOS applications with View objects that have a large number of children objects by optimizing object tree generation and limiting the tree to only the currently visible objects.
  • Fixed - When installing a new version of an application on iOS device, and the application is camera instrumented then the old version will automatically be uninstalled prior to installing the new version.
  • Fixed - Type text command functions properly when typing strings that include the tilde('~') character.
  • Unlocking Perfecto Lab devices that support passcode locking now supported.
  • XCTest Runner now supports applications compiled with XCode versions prior to 8.1 on iOS 10.1 devices.
  • Perfecto vitals collection has extended data collection for long-running application testing.
  • Implemented optimizations for displaying large object trees in the Object Spy, for applications with thousands of UI objects in their implementation.