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Last updated: Mar 03, 2019 11:23


Perfecto now supports the most updated Appium version for Android. The new architecture combines Appium commands combined with additional Perfecto's features. 


Native testing only

hybrid and browser based testing will be added shorty. 

Costumer impact

New capability

During the transition phase, new Appium version should be triggered explicitly on a per script basis using a designated capability:

capabilities.setCapability("enableAppiumBehavior", true);

  • All native Appium APIs work similarly to normal Appium 
  • For using perfecto extensions (on top of the normal Appium), App installation should include instrumentation
  • Web and hybrid are not supported in this version and still rely on previous implementation.


  • Limitations of new architecture:

    • Native code only

    •  Android versions 5+ 

    • XPATH 1.0 only supported (I.e. regular expression matching with matches() function not supported)

    • Appium client 6.1.0 or higher. more details for Upgrading to Appium Client 6.1.0

Upgrade benefits
Upgrade benefits:
  1. Full compatibility with Appium standard

  2. Many bug fixes and enhancements

  3. Support of Android deep linking

  4. Perfecto's unique features (I.e. Sensor injection features) are still available in the new architecture to complement the Appium feature set

Android deep linking

Deep links are URLs that take users directly to specific content in your app. e.g.


When a clicked link or programmatic request invokes a web URI intent, the Android system tries each of the following actions, in sequential order, until the request succeeds:

  • Open the user's preferred app that can handle the URI, if one is designated.

  • Open the only available app that can handle the URI.

  • Allow the user to select an app from a dialog.

Android devices supported

  • Any Android device that supports the UIAutomator2 (v1.25.0) automation framework.

Upgrade best practice

This page includes a set of best practices on how to adjust your Appium Java code to work with this new version of the Appium Client:

Upgrading to Appium Client 6.1.0