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Last updated: May 27, 2019 16:20

By Daniel Tourgman


How to resolve device application installation issues on iOS devices "Install completed with errors"


When using the Install widget application, installation issues are usually due to a missing UDID signature. Apple requires their files to be signed with the device ID (also known as UDID) or signed with an enterprise grade developer certificate. (Check with your developers whether you have an enterprise developer certificate.)

The most common errors are:

  1. "Install completed with errors" but the installation fails.
  2. "Install completed successfully" but no app appears on the device.

If the application installation fails, check the error on device and the OS log by using the Device Log feature and search for the text “handle_install”. It will gives you more details why the installation failed.


This is an example of a device log with an installation error.

The above information (ApplicationVerificationFailed) means that the application is most likely not signed with the UDID of the Device. 

For further details regarding Apple certificates and provisioning profile, please consult Apple documentation in iOS Developer Center

To get the device UDID:

  1. From the interactive view, select the device and click on the information icon.
  2. Switch to show as plain text view.
  3. Copy the Device ID (UDID) to the clipboard (Command + C on Mac/CTRL + C on Windows).

IPA File Name Constraints:

When installing your application, it is a best practice to ensure that there are no spaces in the file name. Also, please remove any unusual characters, such as # @ $ ( ) * & %, from the name of the IPA. Here are some examples

My Test File.IPA
Should be renamed to:


My Test File (FIRSTRUN) .IPA
Should be renamed to:


If you are still facing a problem with installing an IPA file, please feel free to contact the Perfecto Support team with the issue that you are facing.

Updated 5-2-2018