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Last updated: Apr 12, 2018 10:29

How to debug the audio system of devices in the CQLab.

The following diagram shows the audio debugging flow procedure.

How to resolve audio issues - Troubleshooting flow chart.

Troubleshooting Audio Issues

Audio problems can be categorized as the following:

  • No Audio
  • Low Audio
  • Distorted Audio

To debug audio issues:

1. Check on device selection that the audio is not muted (default status).

2. Check in the admin GUI, if the device DDM is audio configured or whether the audio symbol(s) are missing. See image below:

Admin GUI - Audio symbols indicate 'audio-enabled devices'

3. If one audio symbol is missing, restart the cradle.

4. If all the symbols are missing, try to restart the HSS.

5. If the symbols return, continue with the debugging flow, if not, jump to section B in the flow process.

6. From the device playback, verify playback from a known good audio file or stream music from a URL.

7. Check if there is any audio -- even if low or distorted.

8. If there is no audio, perform the 'DDM audio test' - Section C in the flow process.

9. If there is low audio, adjust the device audio level.

10. If the audio is distorted, check the audio cable from the device to the DDM by replacement.

11. If there is still an issue with the audio, perform the DDM audio test.

** After checking connections or changing audio cable, it is recommended to restart the cradle and then re-test the audio.

** After completing the audio test procedures, if the audio issue remains unresolved, contact support.