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Last updated: Nov 13, 2018 13:27

If you are using Quantum, there is no need to change or add anything in your code, this is done by default for Quantum environment. All you need to do is to configure your Bamboo Job.

Please note that if you have Bamboo Administrator, he/she is the one, that needs to configure your Jobs. In case there is no Bamboo Administrator, please follow the steps bellow:

  1. In your Build Dashboard list in Bamboo, find your plan and click it.

  2. The page with plan summary will be opened.

  3. Then on upper right corner you have to click the gear icon and pick Plan Configuration.

  4. From the tabs in the middle of the page click on the Stages Tab and from there click on your job listed under Default Stages.
  5. New page will be loaded. You have to pick Tasks Tab and from there, click on Maven. 
  6. There you will see on the right part of the screen your Maven configurations. Your goals will be listed there. This is the place where you should put 

    -Dreportium-job-name=${bamboo.shortJobName} -Dreportium-job-number=${bamboo.buildNumber}

    NB! Please keep in mind that if you don't change the Job Name Bamboo will give one by default. It si "Default Job" which is not helpful at all, so please name your job in a way, that will be easy understandable (for example -Dreportium-job-name=DesktopSmokeTest or DesktopFullRegressions). Imagine how hard would it be if you have 10 jobs named Default Job, Default Job 2 and so on, and you have 3 different teams using that Dashboard.

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