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Last updated: Sep 18, 2019 16:11

If you are just start using Quantum, and you wonder how to enable CI Dashboard, this article would be helpful with few fast steps.

Please note that if you have Jenkins Administrator, he/she is the one, that needs to configure your Jobs. In case there is no Jenkins Administrator, please follow the steps bellow:

Step-by-step guide

  1. First you should know, that unlike your other Perfecto projects, Quantum contains the code, needed for CI enablement by default. It is part of the Listeners placed in the support project. The only thing required is to pass the information from Jenkins, Bamboo or the CI server you are using.

  2. You can pick any of the CI Integration Articles to pass the CI information from virtually any Continuous Integration server you are using. 

  3. For example, if you are triggering the build on Windows, you could pass the Maven goal as shown below:

Under Build → command → you should put on first line the path to your project workspace (for example if "../workspace/MyProject")

On second line you put full path to your maven and the goals you have, including the command for enabling CI Integration.

Command itself is as follow:

-Dreportium-job-name=${JOB_NAME} -Dreportium-job-number=${BUILD_NUMBER} -Dreportium-job-branch=${GIT_BRANCH} -Dreportium-tags=${myTag}

You can find more details, on how Jenkins integration work, on the Jenkins related Article