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Last updated: Sep 13, 2017 16:27

By Yaron White

All visual analysis commands require the system to retrieve a digital screenshot (in real-time) from the device. This device screenshot image transfer takes its time depending on the device screen resolution.

Scenario: Your script includes consecutive checkpoints or find commands (validation points).

System default behavior: The system will use the same screenshot taken for the first command instance, for all the preceding commands. 


  • If the commands have a timeout, greater than zero, the cached screenshot is not used.
  • If the commands use scrolling, the cached screenshot is not used.

The cached image becomes invalid in the following cases:

  • After 15 seconds* from the time the cached screenshot was taken.
    *This invalidation time is configurable in system level and also in the template level.
  • There was some operation performed (in Interactive or Automation) by the user that may change the screen (For Example: Press key, Touch, Wait).

When the cached screenshot becomes invalid, it is not used anymore and the next analysis is performed on a new screenshot.