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Last updated: Nov 06, 2019 03:58

This article is related to upload files to an iOS folder through automation, Put file (FR). Folders are not automatically created as part of uploading process; therefore, folders need to first exist on the device file system.

Step-by-step guide

Follow the below steps to create the required folders.

  1. Open Files app on an iOS device
  2. Click on Browse button at the bottom of page
  3. Sign into iCloud:
  4. Upon logging into iCloud, you're directed to Settings, so click Home button and open Files app again
  5. Click Browse button
  6. Click On My iPhone
  7. Click on ellipse menu in upper left of the page:
  8. Click New Folder on the popup
  9. Name your folder, e.g.Test, and click Done
  10. This folder is now created under the device root file system and ready for your use