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Last updated: Oct 24, 2018 00:13

by Nato Vasilevski

If your cloud has undergone the 18.13 update  you would most probably have already seen the awesome new feature about of the Cross Reporting mentioned here. This new feature has been positively accepted, but there are also some teams that would like to use the older version of the cross view. If you are a member of one of them, this article is for you

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Why the new look?

In this way, you can observe the tests of multiple devices step by step and to compare the single steps among different devices.

Info: currently the new look can be used only when observing the latest test run of the history-sequence. It is marked with a blue icon:

As you can see the 6th test is not the last test in the History sequence and therefore it’s lacking the blue icon.

When clicking the blue icon, you will be able to see the new Cross report feature view:

Where is the old view?

It is still there. If you would like to use it, you need to select the tests you want to cross-review and then select the “Compare now” option:

In this way you will see the following cross report:

This is also the way to see the test runs that are not the last in the history sequence.

Happy reporting analyzing!