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Last updated: Dec 16, 2019 13:21

Custom field of Perfecto's Smart reporting is a very flexible and powerful feature. Custom field provides a feature to provide a <Key, Value> pair and later we can use Key to filter and/or group tests.

Following are some of use cases of custom fields:

Use case
1Filter/Group test based on Error messages: We can provide failure message in custom field to filter and/or group tests.
2Test Author Metadata: We can provide test author details as custom field for future maintenance of tests.

Automated Test Approver: Some teams have process of approving automated tests by stakeholders whether the steps covered in script covers the scenario.

We can provide automated test approver's details as custom field for future maintanence of tests.

4Mapping with Test managgement tools: We can provide test artifact ID(s) from different sources like JIRA, Raily etc for better traceability of requirements.
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