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Last updated: Dec 28, 2018 03:58

A datatable is a multi-columned, multi-rowed table that contains data. It will allow the Perfecto mobile system to perform automated commands, and in each iteration, the data of the active row of the data table will be used. It is recommended that all script data is outside of the actual script within a datatable. Remember that It can be imported into Perfecto Mobile as both CSV or XML file.

The simplest way to create a datatable is in Excel: Create a title row, set the data type, and provide the data that you want to use, and then save it a CSV file or an XML file and upload it to your repository for storage and future use.

1) Title row: The first row contains the column name and can be any name you wish.

2) Data Type: The second row is the data type.

Allowed Data Types are:

    • STRING

3) Data: The third row and below is the data. Data must conform to type in Row 2.
4) Save the Data Table as CSV or XML file and upload it to your repository.
5) Handset Selection: Use Device ID of the device you like to use.
6) Select an Image from the repository.

A sample dataable (Credentials.xml) is attached in this article for your reference. The file is also available in your cloud repository under Public Data Tables/Samples/Credentials.