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Last updated: Aug 03, 2017 14:57

By Daniel Tourgman

Use Perfecto's Object Spy to easily detect objects in hybrid applications

Hybrid apps are a mixture of both native and mobile web apps, wrap "web views" within native code to deliver content. Amazon, Evernote, LinkedIn, Facebook are examples of hybrid apps.


If the object spy does not detect all of the objects it may be a hybrid app. For full native object support on hybrid apps the application must be instrumented during the installation process. If the application has already been installed, it is must be uninstalled and reinstalled with instrumentation. After the app is instrumented, the Web objects (object spy) will be supported.

Click here for information on how to instrument the app.

As shown below, Web Objects can be detected only when the application is instrumented.


Non-instrumented app vs. Instrumented app

There are two ways to check if app is hybrid:
1. Export the device objects and search for the text “webview”.

Tip: Copy and paste the results of the export into a text editor (e.g. Word) and perform the search there.

<group package="" ... >
    <webview package="" focusable="false"
    checkable="false" class="android.webkit.WebView"
    originClass="android.webkit.WebView" height="1425" .../>


2. Open the object tree and search for a webview object.


If you find a webview object, it means that the page contain Web objects and you have to instrument the app.