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Last updated: Nov 25, 2019 11:24

By default the logcat / device logs are not visible in the execution reports / DigitalZoom reports and they need to be enabled explicitly.

To see the devices logs, add this line to your script after the driver initialization:

Java / Appium / Selenium example:

If you're using Session Sharing you'll need to stop the log collection prior to driver.quit();  > Session sharing: session ID (new UI)

Because the session would not be closed. 

When using SharedSession use

Quantum framework example:
Map<String, Object> pars = new HashMap<>();
String reStr = (String) DriverUtils.getAppiumDriver().executeScript("mobile:logs:start", pars);

Quantum Framework only:

C# Example:
var pars = new Dictionary<string, object>();
driver.ExecuteScript("mobile:logs:start", pars);
JS Protractor example:
var params = {