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Last updated: Jun 08, 2018 14:23

by Nato Vasilevski


Whenever you go to the Reporting Page (https://<your-cloud> and begin observing the results from a certtain test (https://<your-cloud><test-ID>) you see a time stamp of the steps on your left like this:

If you want to discuss the results this with someone, that is in a different time zone, for example with Perfecto Support you will notice that there is a discrepancy in the time stamp equals to the time difference, caused by the different time zone. 


The resultant time you see is presented to suit your time zone for your convenience. The same happens to the person you are communicating  and discussing the results with. When you both open the same result you will see different time, although the steps will be the same. You can open a separate browser tab with a time conversion tool like "" where you will be able to see the time your partner is refering to and vice versa.

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