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Last updated: Aug 14, 2019 11:17

End-to-End steps for CI-CD integration of Perfecto Qunatum project into Azure-DevOps environment. by using below deck you will be able to implement end-to-end CI model by integrating Perfecto and Azure DevOps.

Covered topics in below deck are as below : 

Please follow the below documents for below points : 

  1. As CD process : Creating & Configuring Azure DevOps Project for Pipeline
  2. Creating & Configuring Android build in Build Phase of project along with Perfecto Mobile Configuration (Upload APK from Azure Env to Perfecto Repository) plugin 
  3. As CT Process : Creating & Configuring Jobs, Task Qunatum Project for Pipeline
    1. User can integrate Azure DevOps & Perfecto Digital zoom Reportium : by using PreDefined Environment variables in maven command for Quantum Maven project and depend on project requirements.
      Note : use following command for 
      1. Release phase : "clean install -Dreportium-job-name=$(Build.DefinitionName) -Dreportium-job-number=$(Release.ReleaseId) -Dreportium-job-branch=$(Build.SourceBranch)"
      2. Build Phase : "clean install -Dreportium-job-name=$(Build.DefinitionName) -Dreportium-job-number=$(Build.BuildId) -Dreportium-job-branch=$(Build.SourceBranch)"
  4. Navigating from Failed test scenarios to Perfecto Digital Reports and CI-Dashboard of report as attached below

Please below deck explain