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Last updated: Jun 25, 2020 18:50


For devices requiring strict passcode enforcement, whether by an MDM or a configuration policy, these requirements typically have a passcode exploration policy requiring frequent changes to be made. It is recommended that the policies tied to the passcode expiration be extended to the maximum time limit allowed, or disabled completely if possible.

Symptoms: The device is unable to interact with due to the passcode requirement pop-up or is in ERROR status on the cloud.


If possible, connect to the device using an interactive session and change the passcode.  If the device is not responding to any interactions or is currently in error status, contact Perfecto Support providing the new passcode that will need to be added to the device.

Note: Note the passcode expiration policy. Changing the passcode using an interactive session prior to the expiration will reset the time frame regarding the next passcode reset request, thus preventing this pop-up from causing downtime on the device.