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Last updated: Aug 27, 2017 16:06

By Sagi Oz

Trying to open Eclipse but getting a "No Java virtual machine" error?
This article explains how to resolve this error.

Note: this manual was written for Windows users.

Error Popup Example









Error Popup Example


This error popup might occur when trying to open the Eclipse software.

This means that the Eclipse software cannot find the Java virtual machine path; it can be easily fixed by providing Eclipse the correct path:

1. Make sure that a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed on your machine.

2. Open the eclipse.ini file in the Eclipse folder - usually can be found under:


3. Under the -VM value, provide the correct javaw.exe path - usually can be found under:

C:\Program Files\Java\**YourJavaVersion**\bin\javaw.exe

4. Save changes and run Eclipse successfully.