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Last updated: Sep 17, 2017 12:29

By Matthew Robbins

This Demonstrates the Execute Script Function in Perfecto Mobile IDE Automation

The Execute script function invokes a script located in the Perfecto Lab repository. This functionality allows users to include sub-scripts within a script.

The system will insert the script path automatically when you locate and drag the desired script from the Perfecto Lab repository directly into the script.


Example of drag and drop of an existing script, into a new script

The script parameters must be entered in the same order and with the correct types as defined in the original script. The script will not work otherwise.

Calling variables from a Child Script in a Master Script is not supported. You will need to remove the variables from the Child Script and add them to the Master Script. The Child Script will then call the variables from the Master Script.

When using Embedded script execution, the devices used are shared between the parent and child scripts; Whereas, Sync or Async run separate script executions, and the devices are not shared.

In Async script execution, multiple sub-scripts can be invoked and executed simultaneously within a script


These are the parameters for the Execute Script Function

NOTE: If a run-time parameter variable in the executed script is defined as a Secured String type, then the variable parameter in the calling script MUST be defined as Secured String.

Here is a short video on how to use the Execute Script function.

Using the Execute Script Function

This video will advise on the basics of how to drag and drop framework scripts, into a parent script.

If you still have issues with using execute script, please contact the Perfecto support team.