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Last updated: May 25, 2020 18:11

Within the Perfecto Lab's repository, it is not possible to directly delete a file that was created by another user.

If this is attempted, even as an administrator, the error message "Failed to delete repository item" will be shown:


A simple way to work around this limitation is to use the REST API.

This will allow you to issue a simple POST request to delete any file- as long as the user that is utilized has admin permissions. 
The REST API documentation for the operation can be found here.

As an example, the following REST call:<yourToken>


  1. delete the file Philipp/someoneElsesFile.apk 
  2. located in the Public repository (not under MyMedia, which would be PRIVATE:)
  3. as a user identified by his securityToken
  4. with admin permissions explicitly set

Simply pasting above request into a browser url field and sending, will work.
Other editors like Postman are more comfortable.

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  1. SE-4414 - how to configure a cloud so all users can modify/delete files on repository