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Last updated: May 15, 2019 14:26

By Christopher Alton


Geo-blocking is the practice of preventing users from viewing Web sites and downloading applications and media based on location. This is used by countries to block foreign material and used by movie and TV studios to restrict viewing to specific regions. Geo-Blocking is accomplished by excluding targeted Internet addresses.

When you face this issue with your application (video players from different countries, MobileIron security, etc), you will get errors described below: 

Example #1: A Geo-Blocked video streaming application.

Translation: we are not authorized to broadcast this program on this device


Solution #1

Use Perfecto's Set Location Function. This functionality will allow you to enter in an address of a country. From this example above, this application is located in the Netherlands. In order for us to continue testing on this application, we need to Set the Location in the Netherlands. This satisfies the needs of this particular application and we are able to continue our script writing and testing.


Example #2: A Geo-Block set by the security app MobileIron


Solution #2

In Example #2, we need to use the Set Location Function to satisfy the Geo-Block on the MobileIron software. Once this was done, the MobileIron service was satisfied and we were able to continue our script writing and testing.


The set location functionality only works on the actual GPS locator of the physical device.

If you have an app or service that uses the IP Address of the device (Wi-Fi or Cellular), there is no way to override this and the GPS will report the location from the IP Address.

Updated 05-18-2018