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Last updated: Jul 09, 2018 15:53

By Christopher Alton


If during testing, you encounter an issue where you need to review the objects of a web page, most web browsers provide a developer console. Using the developer console on your local computer and test site, will allow you to see the objects inside.

Solution #1:

For convenience, here is how to open the developer consoles of the most common browsers

Google Chrome - Opening Developer Console

Firefox - Opening Developer Console

Internet Exploer - Opening Developer Console

Safari - Opening Developer Console

Solution #2:

When working with the Perfecto Desktop VM's in your Perfecto Lab, these are actual virtual machines running real OS versions. It is very possible to turn on the developer console within the Desktop VM's in your Perfecto Lab, and use the Perfecto Lab view, to identify and develop your tests further. Just follow the steps above to open the developer console for your particular Desktop VM and web browser combination.


Due to the nature of Desktop VM's, Perfecto does not provide our object spy viewer, which is only for mobile devices. The object spy viewer that looks like the image below, will show as unavilable on Desktop VM's.

This feature will not function on Desktop Web machines in the Perfecto Lab. You must use one of the two solutions above.

When working interactively, right clicking within the flash UI of the desktop VM will not perform actions on within the Perfecto Lab. You must use one of the developer console options above, and the official page article from the browser developer, on how to use object identification through their developer console.

Updated 05-11-2018