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Last updated: Feb 04, 2018 07:49

by Eran Kinsbrunner

Extending Selenium Remote WebDriver Java test to user condition with Wind Tunnel


Take a look at this instructional video to learn how easy it is to take existing Selenium Remote WebDriver (Appium) test code and add "user conditions" to it using Perfecto's Wind Tunnel™ capability.


The video takes the Starbucks iOS native app and implements a real user condition to it via one of Wind Tunnel's pre-defined personas, a traveling executive named "Georgia") who is based in New York City operating under a poor 4G network conditions. this simple test mimics Georgia's real-life experience of finding a nearby Starbucks store during her busy day.


 Extend Appium automation testing to real user conditions through Persona driven testing.


The entire Wind Tunnel project is available on GIT.

Please make sure to install the native Starbucks app prior to execution, and also configure your target cloud.

GIT Wind Tunnel Project