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Last updated: Aug 02, 2017 14:12

By Sreevatsa S

One of the most essential testing type which has to be performed on a mobile app is Interruption Testing. With Perfecto this scenario can be achieved on both iOS and Android

Mobile applications need to handle different interruptions, for example:

  • Incoming calls, notifications or SMS

The application needs to handle these interruptions properly to meet the user requirements. Some of the interruptions may be simulated through an emulator, while others, like incoming calls, need to be tested on the actual devices. There is no short path for this kind of testing, and these have to be part of the functional testing scenarios.


Attached is an Maven based Web project which runs on iPhone 6 and Samsung S5 Device. In order to run this project -

  • Download the attached zip project
  • Unzip it
  • Make sure you have installed Maven and TestNG in your Eclipse
  • Import the project as an "Existing Maven project" into your existing workspace
  • Open "Utilities.Java" file which is under "com.perfecto.demo.utils" package
  • Set cloud host name, your Perfecto cloud user id and password at lines 32, 33 and 34
  • Double click on "testng.xml" under the project folder. Change the device id's as per your devices
  • Right on testng.xml and select option "Run as -> TestNG Suite"

The test can be extended to include checks to ensure data consistency or ui consistency once the app comes to foreground. This can be done with image comparison or with checking of already entered test data.