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Last updated: Jul 12, 2017 11:32

By Yaron White

Leverage your Appium scripts with the CQ Lab

The pursuit of delivering better software faster is driving developers to test earlier and increase test frequency. Developers and QA teams familiar with Eclipse and Appium can now leverage existing expertise to automate cross-platform unit,build acceptance and regression testing. Perfecto Lab for Appium delivers the full capabilities of the open source based on Remote WebDriver with enhanced automation, end-user environment conditions and enterprise grade functionalities – combined with the full functionality of the Perfecto cloud based continuous quality lab. Developers familiar with Appium now have a single approach for device-agnostic mobile app testing using real devices.

Appium is one of the leading open source test frameworks due to the fact that it implements & supports the traditional Selenium Remote WebDriver which enables developers and test automation practitioners to develop their test code in any RWD supported language (Java, C#, Python etc.) and various IDE’s. With that benefit, much more teams can leverage the solution and tie it back to their environment and development processes.

Perfecto Mobile re-implemented the Appium Server side and created the Perfecto Mobile for Appium solution which comes to address missing capabilities and close gaps around parallel test automation on real devices, full iOS and Android device and app context control and in addition real environment conditions around networks, locations and more - towards making the solution enterprise grade.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance your existing Appium test code with additional end-user environment and automation capabilities
  • Enable continuous quality processes with Appium within your organization in an always-on cloud based lab
  • Increase your test coverage by adding more devices, platforms and use cases to your existing test plans
  • Manage your entire Appium quality resources in a secure and enterprise grade cloud based lab

Key Features

  • Environment capabilities - complete device and app context level support for both iOS and Android, network virtualization capabilities, location based capabilities and more.
  • Enhanced automation – supporting parallel test execution, visual object analysis, richer visual and video reports and high stability
  • Enterprise grade features – uncompromised cloud based security, 24x7 support and lab availability, unlimited scalability, full team collaboration

Learn More

Go to Perfecto Documentation portal to learn more about the Perfecto Lab support for Appium.