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Last updated: Sep 26, 2017 11:45

By Yaron White

The default OCR analysis behavior is designed for dark colored text with a light background. When the text and background colors are inverted (i.e. text is light in color and the background is dark in color), the OCR - Inverted text parameter should be used.

In the case where there is more that one instance of the same text with both cases (inverted and not inverted), the analysis method requires both the OCR - Analysis mode and OCR - Inverted text parameters.

The number 15 appears twice on the device screen.

With the default OCR parameters, only November 15 is identified (not the first 15 on the screen).
When OCR - Inverted text = Yes, only October 15 is identified.
When OCR - Inverted text = No, only November 15 is identified.
When OCR - Inverted text = Any, only November 15 is identified.

Multiple Occurences of Inverted Text

To find analyze October 15 use: OCR - Analysis mode = Manual and OCR - Inverted text = Yes