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Last updated: May 27, 2020 12:36

Note: This section includes content that no longer refers to the latest product version but may still be relevant if you are working with an older version.

How to add device selection code into your script?

Applicability: Plugins for Selenium/Appium

When running a test using one of the devices on your continuous quality lab, you can add device selection code into your script for future script executions.

To do that, in the Launch Mobile Device window, select (single-click) a device, and click Capabilities,as shown below.

In the Device capabilities code dialog, you can generate code for either the specific device selected, or for any device with similar capabilities.

Appropriate code is generated in various languages as per the displayed tabs.

To use only part of the code, select it in the appropriate code tab.

Then, click one of the buttons to either insert the code into your script at the current cursor location, or copy the code into the clipboard, for you to paste and edit at your discretion (regular expressions can be used).

Read more on device selection via capabilities.