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Last updated: Jun 02, 2020 12:14

The error occurs in IntelliJ or Eclipse when the device is opened in the Perfecto Lab plugin, even though you have enabled the setExecutionCapability:

PerfectoLabUtils.setExecutionIdCapability(capabilities, host);

If the cloud URL in the Perfecto Plugin settings and the host variable in the execution scripts are different i.e. the user is using an SSO cloud with cloud URL: and host variable with, modify line 136 in and change it


if (intellijHost == null || (intellijHost.equalsIgnoreCase(host))) {


if ((intellijHost == null) || (host == null) || (intellijHost.toLowerCase().startsWith(host.toLowerCase()))) {

For Eclipse, change the line to:

if ((eclipseHost == null) || (host == null) || (eclipseHost.toLowerCase().startsWith(host.toLowerCase()))) {