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Last updated: May 31, 2020 16:26

By Adi Atzmony

Code samples 


Guidelines and code samples referring to integrating HP LoadRunner with Perfecto Mobile are provided as Lab Extension. Please make sure to read the lab extension user guidelines before downloading. Specifically, support for this open source code is based on community contributions. 

March 2014 Version notes 

  • Real device VuGen configurable straight from LoadRunner and/or Performance center: Parameters inside VuGen were changed to be "real time settings". As a result, Perfecto is providing a ready-made LoadRunner template where each device is it's own group with one virtual user. The runtime parameters for this group will determine which real device will run. The tester can replicate this group and modify its parameters to include more real devices in the group.
  • Support for encrypted LoadRunner Perfecto cloud passwords
  • Support for passing runtime variables to the Perfecto script (ex.: "param.OS=Android" "param.value=123") 

General notes 

  • Please refer to the user guide for more instructions how to conduct a performance test using Perfecto technology and HP LoadRunner/Performance Center
  • The latest version for VuGen real device is also provided in case there is a need to customize the VuGen script
  • The previous version for VuGen real device is also provided in case there is a need for it
  • Please do not leave empty/null values in the "additional attributes" section of the run time settings as this may pass incorrect values.

March 2014 Version 

The following file is the LoadRunner template for the test design.


VuGen script to operate the device/script from LoadRunner can be found here

Aug 2013 Version can be found here