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Last updated: Dec 13, 2019 12:26

by Nato Vasilevski

When manually testing it occurs occasionally to long press (also known as tap and hold) so you can open different menus or interact in a different way. Some customers find it somehow challenging. If you also have difficulties with this, this article is for you

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To perform a Long press: 

  1. Position the mouse on the desired location

  2. Hold the CTRL key (CMD key on Mac workstation)

  3. Click with your left mouse button and hold for a second or longer

    • Holding for shorter time period won’t provide the needed time for the system to realize you are doing a long press.
    • During the press you will see the red dot beaming as if you are doing a single click – don’t release the CTRL/CMD key yet.
    • During the action you can see a green arrow in the upper left corner – this arrow will be there as soon as the red dot beams, which might be too soon for you.
    • The best way to know when you can release the buttons is to measure 2 Mississippis.
  4. Release both the key and the mouse button
  5. Observe the result and go back and repeat if needed

If you face difficulties with the explanation above, please check the video below:

You will get used to it very fast.

Happy testing!