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Last updated: Sep 26, 2017 10:33

By Eran Kinsbrunner

Perfecto Mobile is now supporting the Appium Test Framework with enhanced capabilities making it an Enterprise Grade Quality Solution

When looking at the 2015 mobile quality market, it's hard to miss the shift toward open-source test frameworks. In addition to tools such as Calabash and SeleniumAppium is gaining momentum for enterprises using agile practices and developer-centric tools.

Working with our enterprise customers, we realized Appium requires additional layers on top to support enterprise testing needs. We re-implemented the Appium server side and created an extension from our Continuous Quality Lab to Appium to address Appium's technical gaps and make the solution truly enterprise-grade.

On the automation front, Appium generally lacks:

  • iOS system level (external app context) support
  • Visual object recognition; it only supports OS level/native object recognition
  • Support for parallel execution on multiple devices/OSes
  • Support for hybrid app types is complex and unstable
  • Native web browser support especially for iOS requires complex setup locally
  • Rich reports post test execution
  • Overall stability of the framework

On the enterprise readiness front, Perfecto Mobile brings to Appium:

On the environmental requirements front, Perfecto Mobile brings to Appium:

  • Ability to work in different network conditions (via network virtualization)
  • Support for different locations (inject GPS locations)
  • Single-user performance capabilities
  • Global coverage flexibility with devices and operating systems

We have added capabilities on top of the traditional Appium server implementation around:

  1. Automation
  2. Real end-user environment testing
  3. Enterprise readiness

Customers can use their existing Appium test code and execute it in Perfecto Mobile's Continuous Quality Lab while enjoying additional capabilities like parallel and cross platform test automation, GPS injection, and a scalable and flexible cloud environment.


Perfecto Mobile's Appium Extension

With these additional capabilities, Perfecto Mobile's customers can now extend their existing Appium test code to our mobile cloud to test on a large scale of devices in parallel on various networks and locations, all from within the development IDEs they choose to use.

Lets examine the extension's architecture. As you'll see below, Perfecto Mobile re-implemented the Appium server so it extends the capabilities toward parallel test execution, system level control and environment-based interoperability testing where incoming events like calls and pop-ups can be integrated into the Appium test code. In addition, customers can test device level vitals around CPU, memory and other device conditions as part of the Appium test code.


We are able to execute any Appium script in various Perfecto Mobile cloud environments with complete remote access to real devices (off-the-shelf devices), providing full control of the device, and not just the application itself.


Working with Appium within the Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab (Continuous Quality Lab) allows our enterprise customers to employ real continuous integration for their mobile projects with fast feedback loops and maximum coverage for manual tests through automationperformance testing and production monitoring.

To learn more about Perfecto Mobile's Appium extension and view working code snippets and demos, please visit the Documentation portal page.