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Last updated: Feb 20, 2019 12:40


Very large automation scripts in the Perfecto IDE may cause issues including: the "Run Dialog" popup gets stuck or disappears, the script may not run at all, and the browser may get stuck or crash. Note that the "excluded" lines of the script are actually counted as part of the script. 

This occurs because every time you run the script using the Run Dialog popup the whole script is copied to the server, which takes time depending on the script length and the network (excluded parts of the script are also copied to the server).


  • Delete the unnecessary "excluded" parts in the script. If these lines are needed for future use then duplicate the script, save it as a different name, and run the script without all the excluded parts. 
  • Run the script from the execution center and not from the Automation IDE. The execution center runs the script directly from the server without the need to copy it prior to running it.
  • Split the large script into sub-scripts; take out parts of the script and package them as independent child scripts. Then invoke the subscripts from the parent script.
  • For a long term solution Perfecto recommends using RemoteWebDriver rather than Perfecto Automation IDE.