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Last updated: Apr 02, 2018 14:38

By Daniel Alfasi

Create a test script with NightwatchJS that:

  • Creates an instance of the ReportiumClient,
  • Defines tags for the report,
  • Specifies steps,
  • Returns the URL of the report.

See the sample in the GitHub repository.

Run the sample

  • Clone the sample project - using "git clone"
  • Install dependencies using npm install command
  • Provide your Perfecto Lab user, password and host in the nightwatch.conf.js file:

    const user = 'My_User',
      password = 'My_Password',
      host = '';
  • Run the tests with: ./node_modules/.bin/nightwatch

For the complete Perfecto DigitalZoom Reporting NodeJS implementation and documentation see:

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