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Last updated: Mar 18, 2019 20:31

By Christopher Alton

I need help with something! Who do I contact?

Something has come up that you need help with? You can easily open a support case with the Perfecto support team by clicking this link here.

  1.  Click on your Support Topic:


      2. Click on your Issue Type:

This shows that I have clicked Support Topic - Automation and Issue Type - Object Identification issue.

The topic selected will have some quick solutions and root causes that may help to explain and solve the issue that you are facing.

If the solution is not listed here, please check the Perfecto developers and help article site as most issues can be resolved by our help articles.

If there is still no solution, click on the open support case button.

Fill in the case details and be as descriptive as possible.

When done, confirm that you are Not a Robot, and click Submit.

You will receive email notification of your case submission, and a Perfecto support engineer will reach out to you accordingly.

Video: The Support Case Process

Updated 03-13-2019