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Last updated: Jan 06, 2021 12:40


In devices running iOS 13 and later, Apple has done further hardening of iOS security. Unfortunately, this hardening also affects the way video is rendered when performing screen mirroring to support fast iOS video streaming. 

So far, we have seen the following effects:

  1. The content of password fields is not rendered into a video stream. This causes the passcode field to appear blank even when it contains data.
  2. Some app location permission popups are not rendered into the video stream. As a result, when working in interactive mode, the device may seem unresponsive.

This mostly affects manual testing and visual functions and has no effect on automation that relies on the objects retrieved from the screen.


While we are researching for a solution, the following steps may be used to mitigate this behavior:

  1. Use Object Spy when available to inspect the object on the screen.
    1. Object spy will mark and allow inspecting the popup/password fields even when not visible as part of the video screen. 
    2. Injecting text into these fields still works, even if the video is not displaying the change.
  2. If the app seems unresponsive after launching, you may have to set the privacy and location options, as follows:
    1. Click Home and look for the apps in Settings > Privacy to approve location use manually.
    2. After that, retry launching the app.