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Last updated: Sep 26, 2017 10:52

Connect to the Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab from Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)


Installing the Perfecto Extension

1. If you do not have a Visual Studio Team Services account, create one here.

2. Login to your VSTS account at: https://<yourVSTSpage>

3. Click on the marketplace icon in the upper right corner


VSTS home Screen

Select the marketplace icon

4. Navigate to the Perfecto Extension by selecting the Visual Studio Team Services tab.


Marketplace for VSTS

Select Mobile Testing Lab from Perfecto

5. Under the Featured category, you can find the Perfecto Extension. Click on Mobile Testing Lab from Perfecto.

  • Alternative method: Under the Test category, select More and find Perfecto Extension. Click on Mobile Testing Lab from Perfecto.

Marketplace for VSTS

Find Perfecto Extension under Test category

6. The marketplace description page will be shown. Click on Install to begin the installation process to add the extension to your visual studio account. If you are not logged in to your VSTS account (step 2), you will be prompted to sign in to your account at this point.


Perfecto Extension Description

Overview and installation

7. If you have more than one VSTS account, you will be asked to choose which account to install the extension for. Select one from the dropdown menu and select Continue


Installation panel

Select account and continue

8. Click on Confirm.



Click confirm to continue

9. If you do not currently have a Perfecto account, select Get Started to create one. Then return to the page and click Close.


Getting Started

Click close to continue or getting started to set up a Perfecto account.

10. Verify Perfecto's Extension was installed to your VSTS account. Click on Control Panel icon.


VSTS Home Screen

Select the control panel icon

11. Click on View the collection administration page


Control Panel

Access the collection admin page to view installed extensions

12. Click on the Extensions* tab and verify Mobile Testing Lab is listed under Installed category.


Installed Extensions

Verify Perfecto Extension is installed

Installation is complete. You can start using the CQ Lab from VSTS. To set up a Perfecto account or start your first project, view the VSTS Guide.