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Last updated: Sep 28, 2018 00:45

Typically, while testing using Perfecto IDE, DataTables are useful when we are running a set of tests in a Suite or Suites all being always run on a existing set of devices within the same Perfecto Cloud, and if one or more device(s) need to be swapped with another one we can just update the record for that device with the device ID of the Newer device.

DataTables in Perfecto IDE are setup at: Repository > Data Tables (Screen shot below).

Here you can Create New, Update Existing Data Tables. 

To Create a New Data Table, then Save As, and provide a name and select a location for your Data Table, and click on Save in the pop-up window. 

Now in the newly created data table, add columns for each device you want to use, this is done by add button with plus sign at the top. 

One adding all the devices needed, the data table will look like this:

Now you can use this data table in scripts in Perfecto IDE, where you can specify which device in data table to use for any particular scripts. 

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