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Last updated: Sep 28, 2018 00:45

Please check out Perfecto IDE articles to Setup Data Tables and Use them in Test Suites for more info before reading through this.

In a Perfecto IDE Test Suite, a Loop can be used for 'Repeat' OR 'DataTable' for a certain variable for iterative and other functions. This is the format of the Test Suite:


          Some Script Execution(s) [OPTIONAL]

          Loop (<PARAMETER>)




In a Test Suite, add a Loop and under that add all the Test Scripts that you want to run within that Loop (screen shot below).

Double Click on Loop and you will notice that under Parameter there is a option to select the Datatable and its Variable name (screen shots below). 


Click OK and the File > Save. Now it's using a Loop and Devices defined in the Data Table. Each script in the Loop can use a device OR devices from the Data Table for testing. 

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