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Last updated: May 26, 2020 14:37

During manual testing, you occasionally need to press a location on the device a little longer (also known as tap or long press) to open a menu or interact in a different way. This article explains how to do this. You may also watch this short video for a demonstration.

To perform a long press: 

  1. Position the mouse over the desired location.

  2. Hold the CTRL key (the CMD key on Mac workstation).

    • Holding for a shorter time period won’t provide the needed time for the system to realize you are doing a long press.
    • During the press, you will see the red dot beaming as if you are doing a single click – don’t release the CTRL/CMD key yet.
    • During the action, you can see a green arrow in the upper left corner – this arrow will be there as soon as the red dot beams, which might be too soon for you.
    • The best way to know when you can release the buttons is to measure 2 Mississippis.

      Click with your left mouse button and hold for a second or longer.

  3. Release both the key and the mouse button.
  4. Observe the result and go back and repeat if needed.