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Last updated: Apr 12, 2018 10:39

By Christopher Alton

An issue may arise where an execution won't start because it can't be found. It may be the spelling or punctuation/capitalization in the script itself.

Working with the mobile cloud, or any code in general, requires that all syntax is properly punctuated and capitalized accordingly. This also includes using paths on your local workstation, or for script functions.

Example #1:

User has a script saved to the repository for the native IDE. The path for this script is: 


In their script logic, they type in the following location for the script:


The behavior is that the script will fail, due to the capitalization not matching exactly how the script is saved. This is crucial to remember when working with any IDE that looks for a saved script.

Example #2:

User is trying to download a report from the cloud, after their execution runs, while using JAVA. The path for their local machine is as below:


In JAVA, the proper way to path the location is as follows:


This would be the download command this user would run, when using JAVA in Eclipse or IntelliJ:

downloadReport(driver, "pdf", "C:\\test\\report")

If the path is not correctly embedded into their script, the command will not fail, but no data will be downloaded into the local directory.

With any function, always check the spelling, capitalization and punctuation of the commands in the script. Most issues can be resolved by validating this first.

If you still face a problem with using automation functions after verifying the syntax of your script, please feel free to contact the Perfecto support team.